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What time do you start?

We will arrive at the venue at 8:30pm or before if required, and provided we have access to the stage we can be ready to kick off for 9:30 with ease. If we cannot set up until the speeches are finished then our set up time is approximately 40 mins, this gives people a chance to stretch their legs and have a chat before the dancing starts. If the start is delayed by speeches going on, and on, and on, and on, don't worry, we will still play our full live set. we like to give value for money.

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What time do you finish?

We usually hand over to the DJ between midnight and 00:30 as most venues insist on a 2:00am finish, this gives plenty of time to fit in some more great tracks. Later finishes can be arranged beforehand if the hotel will permit.

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What kind of music do you play?

We play only songs that are tried and tested floor fillers ! Over the years we have learned what makes a good track to get people dancing. If you would like a copy of our set list drop us a line. We aim to play something for everyone from your granny to your little sister. Our set includes songs from Olly Murrs, Bruno Marrs and Paulo Nutini, all the way back to Joe Dolan and everyone in between. Special requests can be learned if given enough notice.

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Do you bring up singers?

NO ! or at least we try not to, we are the ones being paid to entertain. We used to, but 99% of the time they would clear the dance floor and leave us with the job of building the atmosphere back up again from scratch. Now and again people do sing by request of the bride or groom but we try to do this during the supper break if possible. We do not use backing tracks so if required we can back a singer no problem (please don't sing Mary Black/Frank Sinatra etc as these songs need to be rehearsed with the singer or they will be murdered, and we will get the blame :-)

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What instuments do you have?

Paul plays a Godin Solidac electric/acoustic double output guitar. On some songs you will hear electric guitar from one side and acoustic from the other, nice trick, and a full sound. He also runs Seamus, our drummer. Seamus is an Alesis SR18 drum machine - the best live use drum machine you can get , by far! We play all our drum patterns on the fly, as in they are not backing tracks and we can stop/start/pause/shorten/extend any song or set as we like. Dominic plays bass guitar, and the flagship sound of the band, A midi Accordion, this is basically a standard acoustic accordion with the brain of a keyboard attached. At any one time you can hear an accordion, strings, bass, brass, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums and two vocals at the same time !!!!! from two guys!!!! It's a really full sound and if you couldn't see us you might think there were 4 or 5 on stage.

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Are you loud ?

No, in short we have years of experience in setting levels to ensure that we are not too loud, added to this our sound system is state of the art and delivers a clear sound with plenty of headroom so you will not have your head blown off by someone overdriving a small underpowered PA system. If your sound is good you do not need to be LOUD.

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What about requests?

We generally work from our back catalouge, as do most bands. If you would like a particular song played and we think we can do it justice, given notice we will give it a go. Just about any song you require can be played in the disco and we often get lists of tracks to mix in during the night which is no problem. We bring over 70 gigs of music with us for the disco!

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What kind of disco do you do?

We can tailor the music to any taste but generally we play a mix of current chart hits, songs from the 60's throught to th 10's and good party music, we mix on the fly using professional DJ mixing software (Mixmeister Fusion) which allows us to change the style of music to suit the room as the night goes on and requests are not a problem. We can add a "must have now" track at about 10 seconds notice!

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What about the garter and the flowers?

No hassle, we do both if needed and will always check with the bride first.

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What do you wear on stage, are you well dressed?

Of course we are ! we wear all black (even socks and jocks :-) Shirts, shoes and if required, a white shirt and bow tie ! We do not drink while we work, before or after, so you will only see water on stage.

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Are you reliable?

Yes ! We have been playing weddings and functions for years and we have never left anyone down, (that's worth repeating), WE HAVE NEVER LEFT ANYONE DOWN!
Our equipment is also top quality, with back ups and alternative set ups should anything go wrong. I'm also trained in electronic repairs just in case. Our reputation goes before us.

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