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Dominic Hearne

Dom has been a professional musician since he was two and a half, in that time he has played with countless outfits touring far and wide including many visits to the USA and England. He even played for Bill Clinton with "The Whole Shabang". He pilots our flagship sound, the MidiBox. He can make it do things it wasn't even designed to do and it's this sound that separates us from most other bands and enables us to play such a varied selection of music from Paolo Nutini to Avicii - Joe Dolan to The Monkeys, and everything in between. Dom also drives the bass guitar for our rock 'n roll and for heavier songs from bands like Kings of Leon or Queen.

Paul Curran

Paul covers vocals and guitars and looks after the technical end of things. He has been on the road with various bands and as a solo act for longer than he remembers, there was even a fuzzy period with International U2 tribute band "ZOO 2".  He uses a Godin solidac guitar which is two guitars in one, with both electric and acoustic sounds at the same time, adding another layer to our sound and covering guitar duties for all styles of music.

Between us we have clocked up thousand of gigs both nationaly and internationaly. Nothing beats experience and we use this to bring you the best quality entertainment possible for your wedding or function. Playing for a wedding is completely different to playing in pubs or similar venues, no two wedding audiences are the same,and the band must read the crowd and play music thay will keep all of your guests happy and dancing. We have a huge back catalouge of material to call on from "Kings of Leon" to "The Stunning" and "Bon Jovi" all the way to "ABBA" and even "Joe Dolan" and of course we can play waltz' sets too.

The BOTTLE BROTHERS are professionals , we do this for a living ! We pride ourselves on being reliable, punctual and well presented. As professionals we want everyone at your wedding reception to have a great night, because our jobs depend on it ! .

Your wedding is a very special day - and night - you should expect, and receive, the best from your band. As professionals we will be there on time, we will be dressed neatly, and we will do our best to work with and around the hotel staff and your guests to ensure everything runs smoothly.
Our sound system is state of the art and we bring our own lighting to complete the package.
We are very carefull not to be too loud as some of your guests may want to chat while taking a break from dancing.
During supper break and before kick off we will provide backround music through our system and we will take care of any announcements/presentations. We treat each night as a live interview so to speak, there are always people out there who are getting married or know someone who is, and we keep this in mind each night we take to the stage making sure we give 100% and ensuring our clients are happy, the floor is full, the sound and lighting is perfect,
and we stay at the top of our game.

It's this professional attitude that has ensured our continued success.


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